batch renaming of text files ?

Apologies if this has been asked before. I tried Search but couldn’t find what I was after.

I have about 100 text files sitting in my Draft folder. (No fancy folder structure or anything - just 100 text files. At the moment I’ve no idea which of them I’m going to need.)

They have all sorts of different names.

I’d really like to batch rename them (probably a numerical sequence, to lose their current names, to give all of them a kind of equal status.)

I don’t think I can do that within Scrivener, can I?

Is there any way to access the individual text files so that I can feed them into a third-party renamer, and then have Scrivener open them in a project?

Many Thanks.

This is a way to do what you want. I don’t know if there is an official way to batch-rename docs.

But if you sync your project to an external folder, all the docs are prefixed with numbers in the order they appear in the binder. you can then import them back (either into a new project or back into the project whence they came) and the docs will all have names beginning with 3-digit numbers.

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Worked perfectly, and so easy now I know how. :smiley:

Thank You for taking the trouble to help me out.
Much appreciated.