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Careful young n!! [size=150]Big Victa[/size] could get y` :smiling_imp:

Sheesh. I thought it was pretty clear I was expressing a personal opinion. For that I am branded as clichéd, a Snob, and cantankerous. I will change my user name, KB, if you first re-read all 540 of my posts to the forum and still think your labels are fair. Clue: most of the time, I just offer help. Or evangelize for Scrivener.

In one of my prior posts, I expressed puzzlement about the popularity of sci-fi among forum users. Amber wrote back an extremely thoughtful and discerning response. I really did like the genre once, but it and I passed on. It happens. I’m pretty stunned at your callous dismissal of Dennis Potter, who has to be the best television novelist the UK has ever produced. And I’m speaking as a denizen of the colonies.

I guess I was fascinated by your long and yes, obsessive, rant about a TV series about which I know nothing at all. I wasn’t criticizing your tastes or interests. I was puzzling about my own ignorance of the topic. Guess I should have kept my mouth shut. :confused:

Blimey. I’m really sorry if I offended you, Druid - I thought it was pretty obvious from my tone that I was being entirely tongue-in-cheek and not at all serious in calling you “snob” or “cantankerous” etc - hence “yes, you, snob!”, “Ye cantankerous…” and “Mr Apostate” etc - I didn’t think you’d take any of that seriously; I certainly didn’t think you’d take any offence. (I could have sworn I’d seen Vic-K and others call you worse. :slight_smile: ) Maybe I should have added a few more smileys to make my intended tone more obvious. The rest of my post was indeed a defence of my liking sf and an explanation for why BSG was so good and so disappointing, in response to your bafflement. I am well aware of how much you help out on these forums and evangelise for Scrivener, and am genuinely very grateful for it - I certainly wouldn’t have posted any of the above had I thought for a second you would have taken it as a serious “attack” rather than in the light-hearted spirit in which it was intended. Please do read it again in that light, as I don’t think there’s anything insulting in my response.

As for Dennis Potter - well, that’s just my personal opinion. :slight_smile: I liked Brimstone and Treacle, but couldn’t stand Lipstick on My Collar or The Singing Detective or anything else I’ve seen by him, I’m afraid. It’s a certain kind of English grit+wackiness that I just don’t like and which infects too much English TV drama for my tastes. And as for “callous dismissal”, how about this:

Now that dismisses not only a whole genre but its viewers too! Surely you must admit that the way you expressed your personal opinion was deliberately provocative ( :slight_smile: ), which is why I’m surprised you took offence at my response to this - the contention that sf is for teenage geeks who can’t get girlfriends is snobbish and clichéd; I assumed you were being tongue-in-cheek by implying and invoking this cliché in the first place and just deliberately provoking a reaction from an obsessive (moi). I thought I had replied to this provocation in the spirit in which it was intended - that is, in such a way as to make it clear that I thought this comment was entirely unfair whilst trying to joke about it so that it didn’t come across as me having taken it personally and instead keeping things light-hearted; clearly my attempt at jocularity entirely failed. I shall reserve my mock insults for Vic-K in the future. :slight_smile:

Again, apologies that you took offence; my reply sincerely was not intended to cause any (even if I was a little insulted by your own implied contention :slight_smile: ).

All the best,

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Everyone knows that this smiley has latent hostility.

If you don’t want to be taken seriously, you can only turn to Mr Green :mrgreen:



Master, tis only because we all love the silly old codger.

I am truly blessed by this bounteous gift. Please accept your obsequious disciple`s gushing thanks :smiley:
Vic (Baldricklike)-K

Keith, thanks. Sorry if I misread your post. And yes, my first could have been more gracious. I put “Moon” on my Netflix queue, where I may see it before you do!

And now I shall try to stifle my jealousy of Vic, the only begettor of persiflage in these parts who is fully understood. Onward. --D

Vick understood? Are you feeling ok there Druid?

Hmmm. You may be right, Jaysen. Wot was I finking? :unamused:

Phew! I try my best not to mortally offend more than one user per month. :slight_smile: And don’t you dare see Moon before me, or there’ll be genuine insults!

All the best,

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