Battling with "smart-quotes"...

Hello all,

Sometimes it works as hoped, other times it does not. And when it doesn’t, I’m not entirely clear what needs to be done to get it to work…

My reference style calls for single quotation marks where text is quoted from elsewhere, inside the text I am quoting. In other words: “This is the text I am quoting, and ‘here is something said by someone else’ before my quoted text continues”.

The single quote, if made to a ‘curly’ quote (which is what I require), mostly ‘points/curls’ towards the opening word, with the second one, doing the same to the closing word. [I hope that makes sense!]
Except when it doesn’t - with the opening single quote resembling a comma, in the air [ :blush: ], pointing “away” from the opening word.

Goodness - I need the help of some linguists/typographers to assist me in explaining this!

In Word, the “fix” (if it happens) usually involves dropping another single quote mark immediately before the offending mark, and then deleting the other - which leaves the mark pointing the right way.
When I do this in Scrivener, the magic switcharoo happens - but as soon as I delete, the mark returns to its previous position.



I think I’ve identified the problem! :unamused:

It just so happens that the single quote mark that I require, as indicating the ‘inside’ text, commences with a number… This appears to be throwing things out. If I drop the mark before a word, it ‘knows’ to curve it towards that word…

Here be the line: “…Committee he drew attention to the fact that in 1998… dealt with ‘94 calls and 12 applicants, two of which were carried over from the previous year’ That was the…”

The “94” is the problem. How would I work around this? [Write it out]?

Hmm, yes, it seems that OS X’s built-in smart quotes system gets thrown off by numbers. You can type an opening single curly quote by hitting Option-] though, so in this case I think that is the easiest solution - just type the opening quote using that key combination rather than relying on smart quotes.

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IMO, simplest way forward is to type the quote mark you want, rather than being subject to the foibles of the primes-to-smart-quotes system… … ion-marks/

Perfect - thanks, that will do nicely [and glad to know it’s not just something this side!].

Thank you for the link - I’ve bookmarked it, and will start practising their use! Agreed, far more sensible approach to do it directly.


Happy writing!