[BB] "Add New Folder" in Context Menu Adds Folder to Root (

Similar to this post in the Linux forum from 2013: literatureandlatte.com/foru … er#p144011

When I use the right-click context menu to Add a Folder inside a folder, the folder is added at the same level as the folder I’ve selected. Adding a text file adds a text file inside the folder I’ve right clicked, and using the “add…” menu at the top similarly adds the folder where it would be expected to be added.

This appears to be working as intended, with the exception of your description of the ‘add’ button. You say that when you click on the drop down next to the add button and select ‘add new folder’ it adds a new folder as a child of the currently selected folder? It should be adding it at the same level, the same as it does from the context menu and the same as the current Mac behaviour.

The context menu (right click) adds it at the same level as the folder selected. The toolbar “+” adds an item as a child of the selected item. Are these both intended behaviors? And I’m curious why they’re different, if so. I don’t remember being this confused in version 1 about adding new folders within folders. I often use nested folders to organize data so I’m sure I’ve done this before and don’t recall it behaving this way (but fully admit my memory could be bad!)

In testing this I’m not seeing the ‘+’ adding a folder as a child of the selected folder. It does create a document as a child of the chosen folder, but that’s the same as with the right-click menu.

So in both cases, documents should be created as children of the selected folder, folders should be created at the same level as the selected folder.

Is this not what is occurring for you?

As far as I know, this has always been this way.
Ctrl-N adds a document below the folder/document
Ctrl-shift-N adds a folder at the same level as the folder/document

However, since you can make a fileinto a folder and vice versa, I’m not sure this is a huge issue.