[BB] Application Crashes Thread

Application crashes in Options > Editing> Formatting when deselecting text in editor preview, then clicking the editor preview box again.

EDIT: This happened repeatedly for me, but only stopped after I changed the default font. Maybe only relevant to projects converted from Scrivener 1.x, where settings were transferred?

I can’t make it crash, but I’ve got a brand new project?

Hi unicorn. Would you mind sending us a copy of the project (before updating)? If so please email it to windows.support@literatureandlatte.com with “BETA” in the Subject line and a link to this thread. Have you been able to reproduce this with another project? If so could you send that along as well? That way we could compare them and try to see what’s causing this issue.

Thank you!

It might have been a quirk of my system. I tried to replicate it again, doing the same exact thing, (converting to new format, then going to Options > Editing > Formatting, then clicking around on the sample text,) but nothing happened this time. Odd that it happened twice in a row, prior. It would crash to desktop then I’d reopen the program. I’ll let you know if it happens again and if it does, I’ll send you the project then with my PC specs.