[BB] Backups not being created

All backup events enabled except “backup on open.”
No backup is created when I “Save” and no backup is created when Scrivener closes.

This is going to be difficult. It appears that it is intermittent. After opening and closing the app about 10 times, it suddenly began behaving correctly. Time will tell…


Sorry for not responding to this post earlier. I was unable to reproduce this. Have you encountered it again in the new beta?

I had this problem, as well. It crashed while I was setting the backup folder originally, and reselecting the correct backup folder solved it.

literatureandlatte.com/foru … 11#p255811

ETA: I don’t think Scrivener creates a new backup, if the original file hadn’t changed? Is this expected/intended behaviour?

Yes, if there hasn’t been a change made by the user then no new backup is created. That is intended behaviour.