[BB] Beta 6 - No option to search Custom Meta-data


In the search filters, the option to search custom meta-data only seems to be missing. I can see Keywords, but not custom meta-data.


It’s true that there is no general “Custom Meta-data” option. However once Custom Meta-data has been added to the project you should see a new addition to the menu directly below “Section Type” with the name of the Meta-data that has been added. Is the picture above from a Project with already created Meta-Data? If so, that is a bug that we need to look into.

search options menu (click on the magnifying glass) missing in Scrivener 3.x

Good evening, I can confirm that the search options are missing in Scrivener 3.x. I miss them especially. I used to search for titles or everything or text, whole words, all words and more ( see screenshots in post 1 ). Will this feature also work in Scrivener 3.x? How can I use the search options in Scrivener 3, as shown in the screenshots above? … Note: it’s not about meta data, but about the search function. How can I start a search in Scrivener 3 that is only limited to the title of the document?

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Guten Abend, ich kann bestätigen, dass in Scrivener 3.x die Suchoptionen fehlen. Ich vermisse diese besonders. Früher konnte ich nach Titel oder alles oder Text, nach ganzen Worten, allen Worten und mehr ( siehe Screenshots in Beitrag 1 ) suchen. Wird diese Funktion auch in Scrivener 3.x Einzug finden? Wie kann ich die Such-Optionen - wie im Screenshots oben zu sehen ist - in Scrivener 3 nutzen? … Hinweis: es geht mir nicht um Meta-Daten, sondern um die Suchfunktion. Wie kann man in Scrivener 3 eine Suche starten, die nur auf den Titel des Dokuments begrenzt ist?

On the main toolbar you can click on the magnifying glass icon to open the search panel. There you should see a line where you can type in the text you wish to search for. Click on the blue magnifying glass icon to the right of that line to open up the search options, where you can check or uncheck the areas you wish to search in.

Hope this helps!

@der Philosoraptor

Many thanks . Since the down arrow is missing in the magnifying glass icon, this is no longer so intuitive to recognize. The old icon is better. ( This affects all icons on the toolbar - maybe there will be an optional switch between the old and new icons? )

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Vielen Dank . Da beim Lupen Icon der Pfeil nach unten fehlt, ist das nicht mehr so intutiv zu erkennen. Das alte Icon ist besser. ( Das betrifft übrigens alle Icons auf der Toolbar - eventuell wird es eine optinale Umschaltung zwischen den alten und neuen Icons geben ? )