[BB] (Bug) "Use Label Color in Binder"

This feature does not work properly. It changes the text font color but not the background color like it did in the previous version 1.9.7. Unless there is a hidden override somewhere else in the program, This Needs to be Fixed! :smiley:

How do you get it to change the text color in the Binder? For me it shows either a label-colored dot or full background label color, when “Use Full Width in Binder” is selected. That is how it is supposed to work, I believe. My text color in the Binder only changes (and to white only) when a dark label color is used.

Same her Linus. My copy works the same as intended. Maybe a setting somewhere RG?

In the previous version you would

  1. Click on the item in the binder
  2. Right click this item
  3. Select “Label”
  4. Select the color you want.

The result is the item in the binder changes to that color when it isn’t the current selected item. Notice the colors and that it does not take up the Full Length of the binder. The edges are rounded. For one thing, partial length makes it easier to see which item is selected.

Example of Binder Color from version 1.9.7
Scrivener Binder Colors.jpg

You can (will be able to) do all that in Version 3.

The Mac 3.0 version had full-width label colours, but this was altered in 3.01 to be closer to the old V2 behaviour (much like your screenshot). Presumably the Windows Beta will catch up with that before release.


This is correct.

As for the background colour, are “View > Use Label Color In > Binder” and “View > Use Label Color In > Use Full Width in Binder” checked or unchecked? It may be that is the “hidden override” you are looking for.

However, I too am curious about the text font colour. In what way does it change when you apply a label to the document?