[BB] Comment issue

Having an issue with comments. I had made a comment on a document, found the answer, then went to add that comment to the document. What happened is the old comment disappeared and was replaced by the new comment. Subsequent comments are added without the author and date/time stamp. See screen grab.

Hello! Could I get a bit more information on this? When you say you went to add the new comment to the document, what do you mean? Did you create a new comment or attempt to edit the comment you had already made?

Also, are all new comments lacking the date stamp and author name or just the comment that you say replaced the old one?

Your answers will help me pinpoint where the problem is occurring. Thanks for your help in this!

I’m not sure where to start with this. I went back to the commented page and was able to add some more comments in various places if I selected some text to comment on. Things went normally for a bit. I then placed the insertion point at the beginning of the document and tried to add a comment (a previous comment on the first word existed) which blanked the comment that was there. No date stamp was added at that time. A check on this behavior in Scrivener 1.9.7 shows that it does the same thing, but with a date stamp showing. I assume that prevents stacked and/or nested comments? At that point, back in Scrivener 3b2, I began having the comment created with no date stamp showing when adding new comments elsewhere in the document. I then made a snapshot of the document, closed the project, then opened it again - the comments all showed as blank! I used the back arrow to switch to the previous document in that editor window, then the next arrow to return to that document and all of the comments showed up with text and date stamps. I think I have two different issues here.

  1. Creating a comment or footnote depends upon where the insertion point is and seems to follow the 1.9.7 code base. If the insertion point is at the beginning of the document, it will highlight the first word for the comment. If you want to add additional comments/footnotes, you will need to make sure you select something after that first word or character. If you place the insertion point after a highlighted comment or footnote, it will add another comment/footnote to the end characters of the previous comment/footnote. Probably not a bug but an unexpected behavior issue on my part.

  2. In Scrivener 3b2, the focus of the comment/footnote part of the inspector seems to have an issue. Sometimes on creation the comment will have no date stamp showing. Closing and reopening the project will usually fix the comment date stamp, as will moving from one document to another in that editor window. You can also just press the end key or right arrow key (it seems that the date stamp is highlighted in the comment, so just typing is going to overwrite the date stamp - this is the same behavior as 1.9.7) and start typing your comment and the date stamp and comment will suddenly appear. Additionally, the comments/footnotes appear to show in a semi-collapsed view. Clicking the expand/collapse arrow on the comment/footnote will allow you to view the entire comment/footnote.

Hello again! The issue of all comments appearing blank when you opened the project has been filed.

I was not able to reproduce the issue of missing date/time stamps on the comments.
Have you experienced this again in the new beta?

I just downloaded and installed Beta 3. After a few minutes of opening and closing the tutorial document that I was using as a test, I had an issue where the previously made comments would not show at all in the inspector (but they did show in the document when I hovered over them or clicked on them, as tool tips), nor was I able to make a new comment. I switched the document and then went back to the commented document and the comments in the inspector pane showed up and allowed me to make new comments. This issue appears to have been corrected in beta 3! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it!