[BB] - F11 no longer enters compositon/fullscreen mode

F11 no longer enters the composition/fullscreen mode, but it does exit out of the mode.

F11 works as expected for me. No issues. (2903 64-bit on current Windows 10)

In Options > Keyboard is anything else assigned to F11 that may be causing a conflict?

I haven’t changed a single thing in hotkeys setting.

Does this occur in all projects, including new blank ones?

I just checked, and now it’s working again, but it would sometimes Scrivener would hang/lag/freeze, so it seems like it’s not working. Hitting F11 to get into full screen mode seems fine most of the time now, but when hitting it again to get out of full screen would have a slight lag, sometimes up to a full second. And this is on different projects.

When you encounter this lag is it mostly on larger documents or does it seem to occur regardless of length?

It doesn’t lag on small projects (such as a short story and not much notes), but on larger projects (for example, a novel of about 75K words and lots of notes and outline summaries for each chapter), it definitely lags.

Thanks. One more question: Does the lag only occur if you attempt to exit Composition mode immediately after entering it (while it’s still loading) or does it also occur after being in Composition mode for a while?

There’s no lag if I keep it in full screen for a few seconds, so you’re right about that.

BTW, there’s also a lag when I first just open up a project–it lags for several seconds and then finally the project opens, and then it might lag still when I try clicking on something. I guess the beta isn’t optimized to load projects quickly yet?