[BB] : Find by Formatting (Highlighted Text) freezes Scrivener

Scrivener is freezing / Not Responding when using Find by Formatting feature (at least in the Scrivener Tutorial Project). This is reproducible. Here are the options to choose:

Find: Highlighted text
Containing Text: [leave blank or specify text, bug happens either way]
Search in: All Documents

I have to kill Scrivener with Task Manager to be able to use it again.

Just bumping this post to make sure this bug report didn’t get overlooked. Thanks.

Hello, Sorry it’s taking so long to respond to your posts. For this one I’m having trouble tracking down why this appears to happen in large projects but not smaller ones, which is why it hasn’t been filed yet.

In the meantime know that we do see and log every post on here, but only tend to respond once we have taken steps or if we need more information.


Sounds great ! Helps me to know how the logging process works. Appreciate all of your work !

Hello again. I wanted to check in and see if you were still experiencing this issue with the new beta. I can no longer reproduce the issue.

Thank you!

Hi, Bryan. While searching for highlighted text no longer causes Scrivener to freeze in the latest beta, the feature is not working. When I search for highlighting (without specifying text), it seems to “find” highlighting that is not there at all. Also, if I limit the searching to a specific color, it also “finds” incorrect highlights.

When using this, do you find that it is mostly locating text that has a style assigned to it? Or is it completely random?