[BB] Options Inaccessible Via Keyboard

To quote the Windows design guidelines (msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms971323.aspx):

[b]Keyboard UI Design Rules

To design an effective keyboard UI, use the following design rules:

Provide keyboard access to all features, and document the keyboard interface. [/b]

This is important for many reasons. One is that with full keyboard access, macros can be designed to perform advanced functions.

Hello! Which options are you finding inaccessible?

Which options are you finding inaccessible?

Thanks for the reply.


Go to next document
Go to previous document
Change status for current document
Switch to document notes
Select a document
Select between document notes, reference, snapshots, footnotes

Let’s not forget “Check spelling as you type”. :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate if we can have a shortcut for this option.

Those are supposed to be Alt-shift-down, Alt-shift-up.
(According to the menu under Navigate).

And while Alt-shift-up works, alt-shift-down does not seem to. alt-shift-up works if you’re in binder or document editor (I have not checked the Inspector bits). Alt-shift-down does not work in either place. Down arrow works if you’re in the binder. Up arrow also works in the binder. They have different actions in the editor.

Ctrl-[ goes back one doc in history; Ctrl-] goes forward one doc in history.

If you’re NOT inside the document AND you have the notes sidebar up, tab three times will take you there. This does not sound like “switch to document notes,” though. See further along, though, about setting the inspector shortcuts.

Also, it seems labels cannot be changed by keyboard alone, either.

F10 is supposed to show status of an index card; it does work, but it only shows them in the corkboard. It does not open the status window, which I think is what you want a key combination to do?

F9 is supposed to show labels (in the corkboard, I’m guessing). It does not work (it opens a blank browser window).

If you’re in the binder, up and down arrows will select each document in turn. left and right will navigate left or right in the tree.

Ctrl-shift-RETURN will enter the document editor if you’re navigating the Binder. It will not enter the document if you’re in the inspector.

Not sure which of those you wanted.

These we can set under File | Options | Keyboard. I have not tried it or verified that they work.
Shift-F4 will select the comment editor and add a comment ready for editing.
Shift-F5 does the same for a footnote.

YES. Please please please

Thanks, RW. Some of those work, but should be discoverable without going to the manual. For example, there should be a "Next Document " in the Documents menu with the shortcut listed on that line.

Note the manual refers to Ctrl-( when it should read Ctrl-[.

I’m on a Mac now, and there’s a solution to all of this: Keyboard Maestro allows you to explicitly select menu items in a keyboard macro, even if it doesn’t have a shortcut.