[BB] - overflow text single page vs scrivenings

As you will see in the following 2 screen captures, again using just the tutorial in a new project, the single page and scrivenings views both have an overflow issue in the document / page titles, but it also becomes uneditable in the scrivenings mode, whereas I can edit in single page mode, but the overflow is also different, with the extra line overflow appearing in both views, but the single page view also has text missing from the title … so you can see the “ew” from “Page View” and the “ode” from “revision mode” both overflow in both scrivenings and single page view, but in single page view the title is missing and you only get the overflow letters, plus it is only editable in the single page view mode.

NOTE - this happened AFTER following the previous part of the tutorial where it explains using the “copyholders” function with the “split vertical” text editor view … so perhaps it had something to do with that ( ? )

Currently Scrivenings mode is not implemented in the beta, so no editing can be done there at all.

That said, the issue you are experiencing may be linked to another issue where split screen/copyholders causes text to disappear from other editors. I haven’t seen it add echo text before though. Is this something you are able to get consistently? Or did it just occur that one time? If so, are you able to replicate this without using scrivenings mode at all or is that part of the trigger?

Thank you for your help on this.