[BB] Page View Crashes Scrivener


First time I tried to go into Page View, nothing happened. I go turn it back off, and when I unclick it, Scrivener crashed. Tried to repeat, but failed. The second time it actually did go into page view correctly, and turning it off also worked correctly.

By any chance, were you using a split editor at the time? We’ve run into some similar issues, but so far only when using a split editor.


I’m using the default view. I don’t mess around with Scrivener’s settings too much, you all do a pretty good job :smiley:

Only had this happen because I was curious what page view looked like.

Page View is still much in progress; we were working on it following the recent Qt updates and things were looking fairly good, but unfortunately it proved to have some major stability issues and we had to pull a bit at the last minute before releasing the beta. So it’s changed from previous betas but still not in a real working condition, although I wouldn’t have expected it to be crashing, so that is still unusual. However, we’re hoping to have this much improved for the next beta, so if that goes as planned, it should be testable then and hopefully we’ll find this issue is resolved. :slight_smile: (And Page View ought to look better, too!)

Since Jenn last posted we have indeed made changes and improvements to the way page view works in the current beta. Have you experienced this issue again since then?

Seems to be working fine now :slight_smile: Thanks!