[BB] Project > Project Settings > Special Folders panes width issue

Project > Project Settings > Special Folders causes left pane of Project Settings to become much narrower, after which cannot manually readjust its width. Appears to be related to Special Folders right pane being unusually wide. Workaround for now is to select something other than Special Folders in left pane, then OK or Cancel out and then go back into Project > Project Settings, after which can manually adjust the left pane width.

Windows 10 Pro 64 bits, 64 bit Scrivener beta 2903

Hello! That’s very interesting. I am not able to reproduce that on my system. Does this occur every time you try to access Project Settings, including in a new project? And have you made any adjustments to the size of your Project Settings window prior, or is it still at the default? Finally, does this occur with any of the other selections, or only with Special Folders?

Thank you.

This appears to happen only in one project, which originated in for Windows. Not in other new projects or projects originated in In the one problematic project, it happens every time on Special Folders, but never on any of the other selections.

Would you be willing to send a copy of that project to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com ? Put ‘Beta’ in the subject line and include a link to this post. If it is only occurring in that one project there must be something in it that we can hopefully find and identify.

Thank you!