[BB] Project Targets / Session Target not working

I am not getting any word count from Session Targets.

Hello! Can you please elaborate on this? Is it specifically Session Targets or do you not see words being counted for Project Targets either? Also can you let me know what your Session Target options are set to? They can be found under Project Targets > Options > Session Targets

Thank you!

I have the same issue.
session targets are showing zero. the overall target seems to work and the document target works.
but not sessions, so i can’t see how much ve written at a time.
It’s one of the features I use the most.

I played around with the options on the Project Targets
If I have count current compile group only checked then it shows zero, no matter if I add or subtract.
unchecking this box seems to make everything work ok.

This option should only affect Draft Targets, not Session Targets. Are you saying that unchecking this box is affecting your Session Target total?

I’m not getting any word count either. At the bottom of each document it is coming up saying: 0 words 0 characters


Could you please upload a picture of your target option settings? You can find them under Project > Project Targets > Options. There should be two tabs, one for Draft Targets and one for Sessions Targets. Those settings will help me look into what’s not working.

Thank you!

Is the session’s target “Automatically calculate from draft deadline” working? Because it doesn’t work for me.

I have that issue. If I type even a single character in the document, all the words are suddenly counted.

Just another data point.

This is also happening to me. I have included a screenshot of my project settings. All of the folders are included in compile. I have roughly 10k words in my document, but it is not recording any of them in either project target or session Screenshot 2018-07-02 16.53.04.pngScreenshot 2018-07-02 16.52.49.png

Me too - Session Target works for one novel, not for another. Same settings for both,

These appear to be screenshots from the Mac version. Are you saying this bug is occuring on Mac as well?