[BB] Really weird behaviour on auto replace

Some words are working great, but some are going crazy when using a “shortcut” for auto-replace. I cannot find out what makes this.
I used “Dmp” and “Domp” for Dompierre and “Dmr” and “Demo” for Demoireau.
Pls watch the video to see what happens.


Hello! Sorry for the delay in replying to you. I have not been able to replicate this behaviour, but I will continue to look into it. In the meantime you can try this for a workaround:

Under Project Settings there is an Auto-Complete list. You can Add the words you wish to this list, which will allow you to complete them with a simple press of the return key. By default it is only set for Script-mode, but you can set it for general text by going to File > Options > Corrections and unchecking the box marked “In Script Mode Only” under “Word Auto-completion”.

Could you save and send us your preference settings? That’d be worth checking, at least, in case there’s some specific combination of settings there which is triggering this on your setup. In Options, choose “Manage” from the lower left and select to save your settings as a preference file, then attach that file here or mail it to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com and include a link to this forum thread. Thanks!

I am so sorry, I didn’t look into that again … Now I updated to Beta 5, my old settings are overwritten and now it is working as expected :angry: