[BB] Revision Mode not deactivating properly.

Hopefully I can explain this adequately – a quick search under ‘revision’ doesn’t show this logged, but forgive me if it’s mentioned under a different name.

This seems to be a problem exclusive to the newest beta. I have done revision work in previous betas without seeing anything like this, though I can’t guarantee it did not exist.

After spending a considerable amount of time working in Revision Mode on a particular project, I turned off Revision Mode and created a new project. However, I now find that any attempts to move text (copy-paste, drag-and-drop) in either project is treated as a revision (i.e., displays in the formerly-selected reivsion colour, unchangeable by font or formatting options, only by clicking ‘remove all revisions’), as if Revision Mode were still active.

I attempted to close Scrivener entirely and reopen it to see if that rectified the problem – instead it converted every single word of text in both projects to a revision. Again, this was fixed by clicking ‘remove all revisions’ on a document-by-document basis, but this of course removed all my previous (actual) revision work as well (already void, to be fair, by having the whole text coloured anyway), and closing-reopening the project repeats the problem all over again.

Under the revision menu, ‘none’ is shown as checked throughout all of this, and on clicking any of the available revision colours, the standard ‘enter Revision Mode?’ pop-up displays as normal.

Has this occurred to you since? Or was it specific to the initial project? If it hasn’t occurred again, would you be willing to send us a copy of the project to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com. With a link to this post?

Thank you.