[BB] Snapshot's not working

I click the + button to add a snapshot. The sound plays but nothing appears in the snapshot list. I’m assuming a snapshot is not being created.

[b]ETA: Snapshot showed up when I restarted project. I now have four.

ETA 2 + button works as intended if there is already a snapshot in the list.

ETA 3 Seems to affect converted 1.97 projects. The project was empty when converted.[/b]

I was able to take a snapshot without any problems. But I thought I had read that the contents of the snapshots would be searchable, and that did not seem to be the case. I know they aren’t searchable in the current Windows version. Is that the case with version 3 also?

I’m not sure about being searchable but you can compare differences between different snapshots. I hope that helps.

Hi Stacey,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this. Are you able to get this consistently?

You can search snapshots using the new Snapshot Manager, from the Documents > Snapshots menu.

Snapshots always work for me, too. I even get the little camera noise now, which I didn’t before. :smiley: Was it a brand new project, or an imported one from 1.9.7? I took a bunch of snapshots in either type of project, and they always appeared.

I will do more testing and get back to you. It was a converted 1.97 project.

In a new 3.0 project snapshots work as expected.

To clarify, do you mean the project was empty before it was converted? Or that it was converted and came out empty? Was the document still empty when the snapshot was taken?

Empty before it was converted.

Hi Stacey,

I’m still having difficulty getting this one to reproduce. So correct me if any of these statements are incorrect.

In 1.9.7 a new blank project is created and all documents are left empty
The empty project is now opened in the 3.0 beta and upgraded
After typing in one of the documents, the snapshot button is pressed, resulting in the sound but no snapshot.
Closing and reopening the project reveals the snapshot that was missing before

Is there any step I am missing that is present when you get this bug?

Thanks for your help!