[BB] Synopsis in Outline disappears

I have a document open, and side by side I’ve got my main editor pane and an outliner pane. I’m getting ready to export the outliner to CSV, and I’ve got title, synopsis, some custom metadata, and keywords in the outliner.

I expanded all, moved some fields around, and I noticed that the synopsis field had disappeared. I hadn’t moved it at all. But it disappeared from view (that’s a bug). I opened the field selector, clicked it off, clicked it on, and the field reappeared, but it should not have turned itself off in the first place. I’m not sure what I did that made the field disappear, but the field selector still showed it as on, when it was not. I’ll try to duplicate the misbehavior.

Second, it seems the keyword field doesn’t word-wrap. Some of my documents have a heck of a lot of keywords in them (I use keywords for character attendance. They work great for that), and word-wrap in that field would be lovely. I’ll be able to word-wrap when I pull it into LibreOffice, but the lack of word-wrap for the field in Scrivener seems to me an oversight.

Hello! This may be related to another bug we know of, where custom meta-data changes affect which fields are shown regardless of selection. Were you adding or removing any custom meta-data when the synopsis field disappeared?

Thanks for your help with this.

I don’t think I was. I’ll see if I can reproduce.

I suspect there may be some combination of conditions that must obtain before this happens, and I haven’t managed this in the test project I’ve constructed. At the moment, moving fields around seems to do nothing. Removing metadata doesn’t cause the synopsis to disappear (Title/synopsis, Label, and Word count fields appear on removing a metadata item; I think those may be defaults?).

I’ll keep my eyes out for this. It happened once; it may happen again.

Found it. Name a custom meta-data field “Synopsis” and the built-in Synopsis field (under “Title”) will not be shown (in fact, behavior of the Outline View under those conditions is a bit unstable; neither field likes being shown). However, if you name a meta-data field “Label,” the same thing does NOT happen to the built-in “Label” field.

Either 1) the native meta-data names should not be allowed as custom meta-data names (Scrivener should flag them as conflicting and either refuse them and warn the user, or ignore them and warn the user. Built-in fields should have precedence in this case, I think).

or, 2) the custom meta-data should be used by Scrivener in a way where the names will not conflict. Not sure how you’d do that (prefixes inside Scriv that we don’t see, maybe?). I think this is the best way, but the first option is likely the easiest.

Naming a custom meta field “Synopsis” obviously is a bed choice. “My Synopsis” is much better. Anyway this has been fixed in the next release. Still getting two “Synopdis” columns might be confusing even though it will work. I would suggest using unique Outliner column names in general.

At the time, I was testing something and didn’t think about the conflict. Thanks for your hard work on all this.