[BB] Writing Tools non-functional

I know the betas are still having issues with the spelling dictionaries and auto-correct, but I just found that none of the Writing Tools options to look up a misspelled word do anything. Click and nothing happens.

Hello, could you clarify this for a me a bit? I’m not finding your issue. Are you talking about the Writing Tools found under Edit > Writing Tools? Or some elements from the Spellcheck Contextual Menu that appears when you right-click a word that is indicated as misspelled?

Thanks for your help in this.

I’m not sure this is an issue anymore. What I had was a misspelled word that I clicked into without highlighting it, then right-clicked to bring up the various editing tools including the Writers Tools, then tried clicked on “Look up in Google definitions” or any of the other lookup options. I got no response from any of the clicks. I then took a break and saved/closed my work. Upon reopening the project, I was not able to get the same results. Clicks brought up my browser to display the lookup Web site. My browser (Chrome) was already open and did not get closed as did Scrivener 3 beta 8.

Hmm… Thank you for the response. Let us know if you encounter anything like it again.

Will do. It was definitely a weird occurrence.