BBC Radio Cue Style


I have downloaded Scrivener as a free trial and have to say it is a great piece of software.

My main use of it is writing radio comedy. The BBC Scene style is very useful but for audience comedy they use a different format to the one in Scrivener which you can find here

I have had a trawl of the forums but haven’t found an answer yet (if you have a link please feel free to share it).

I read this section here [url]] does anyone have a Radio cue style .scrtpl file? If not how would I make one and share it?

I have also read the following thread but I don’t quite know how to get the PDF saved as a template. Any help much appreciated.

I have tried editing the existing template using the layout descriptions available here but just managed to mess up the template. I managed create F/X and GRAMS as script elements in script settings. I also got them to be bold underline for F/X and GRAMS but ran into issues when getting the tab/hanging settings to work.

If there are answers to the above this last point may not be relevant. That said I also found this thread on cue numbers [url]] How would I get two separate numbering sequences for scenes and cues? if i use <$N> in both the screen heading and the cues then they are all treated as on sequence by scrivener. Is is possible to do something along the lines of <$N:cues> <$N:scenes>?

I appreciate this could be me just missing some basic understanding so if anyone has any tutorials then that would be super.




Hi Folks,

I appreciate this is a bit of a technical one but any assistance greatly appreciated.

Even a “this is possible”/“don’t bother” response as if I am going to pay for the software I want to know if it can do what I want it to.