Beach ball of death when pressing Enter


I’m on High Sierra and latest Scrivener and I’m experiencing an intermittent problem. Every fifth or so time, when I press “Enter” on Compile or when I press “Enter” while renaming a folder, the program hangs for about a minute. This doesn’t happen when I hit compile by pressing the mouse button or when I press “Enter” other times.

I know this sounds vague and it’s not buggy every time, but the problem is consistent.

If I look in Activity Monitor, Scrivener is shown as “Not responsive” until the beachballing process completes.

What’s the best way to troubleshoot it, so I can provide more info to get it fixed?


One thing to check is to try unplugging any external storage devices, and unmounting and networked file servers (such as Time Capsule or other NAS). The number one cause for periodic long hangs when accessing the file system is down to slow media spinning up or going out of “sleep mode”.

Otherwise a little basic system cleaning and maintenance may be in order. Ensure you have 15 to 25% drive space free on your boot volume, check to make sure nothing is “spiking” in Activity Monitor, and leave Console running with the errors and warnings filter enabled.