beachballing before I can edit

I timed it just now and it took approximately two minutes. the document opens then a second or two later beachballs before I can edit the document.

I do not have a huge document, around 90.000 words, including notes, and admittedly many snapshots. some images but not many. no videos. a few years ago, when I started the manuscript I did not recall that I had this problem, even though I did have videos in the document that I have deleted. help?

Can you tell us more about what system you’re using?

Which Mac
Which OS
Which version of Scrivener
Any automatic backup software you have running

sure. don’t know why I forgot to do that. (I think I assumed I had it in my sig., not that I have a sig.)

  • MacBook Pro with Retina (13 inch, mid-2015)
  • 10.12.6, then 10.13
  • Scrivener
  • none other than iCloud, but iCloud does not back up my Scrivener files

the day before yesterday, when I first DL’ed 10.13, I did not have the problem when I opened the document. today, though, I had the problem again. I have a suspicion (just a hunch) that Scrivener may have a problem with nested folders. this does not come from any programing knowledge, only intuition.

oh, and thank you for offering to help.

Nested folders?

The stuff you deleted from the project, did you empty the Trash within Scrivener?

Are you running any other auto-start software that might cause your Mac to work hard?

Any other cloud services?

Free space on your HD?

Also, when you start editing, what are you loading in the Editor? The whole Draft?

folders within folders three or four levels deep.


a number of them, yes. I guess that means I shouldn’t?

not unless you could Todoist, where it synchs periodically.

nearly 80GB out of 256GB.

nope! individual parts of the manuscript.