Beachballing in Scrivener 3.3.6

I’m getting consistent beachballing in Scrivener 3.3.6 on macOS 14.3
Difficult to track down to any specific action, but when I’m writing every minute or less the beachball shows up and I’m unable to write for a few seconds. It’s gone from mild annoyance to PITA.

This has been going on for a week or more, but nothing new in my configuration. I’ve got a fast MBP (2021-16" - M1 Max with 64GB RAM). Plenty of free space on my SSD. No other apps chewing up resources in the background. EtreCheckPro does not report any issues.

Per previous suggestions here, I’ve tried shutting down the computer completely, and also changed Settings>General>Saving>Auto-Save to 10 seconds. Neither of these has made any difference.

Grateful for any help or suggestions.

There may well be something else going on with macOS Sonoma 14.3 which is reported in many places to still have issues with some apps … I can’t remember specifics but also mentioned here. I don’t have it yet and won’t till forced.

But what popped out at me is that your “Auto-Save” will launch on X seconds of inactivity. So it could be quite some time until you actually are not doing something for a long 10 seconds so that when the auto-save does fire it has a lot of work to do. Or perhaps Scrivener after waiting some default but unspecified time interval saves anyway. I don’t know (or can’t remember).

But, despite my ignorance in all these details, I suggest you change the auto-save for say 2 seconds of inactivity, and every so often just stand back from your writing and do nothing for a two second moment and let the computer do its thing.

I would not recommend doing this on a computer that is already experiencing lag issues. A save interval that’s too short can cause Scrivener to save when the person hasn’t actually paused, leading directly to lag.

I would also recommend confirming that the entire project is stored locally, rather than with a cloud service. Having to go out to the internet to get (or save) data could definitely cause performance issues.

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