Bean 2.0b Beta Release (17 December 2008)

In an exchange of Christmas Greetings, James Hoover, the developer of Bean informed me of the release of Bean 2.0b Beta, and invited me to download. However I felt it only fair to decline his offer on the grounds that, if I did, I`d probably blow it up. Or failing that, the inevitable inundation of daft questions, or reports of bugs that have ten legs and spit venom whenever the space bar is depressed, would cause James to consider taking up Holy Orders, or embracing hermitism!! :open_mouth:

However I informed James that a lot of the riffraff aboard Scriv seem to like Bean, and If he liked, I would post the link to the Download: James said it would be great if I did.

James did stress that it`s best to point out that 2.0b still has some rough edges.

Although I say it with the utmost reluctance, whist gasping for breath, most of you would be an asset to James, if you were testing for him.
In anticipation of your kindness, on behalf of James, Thank you :smiley:
Take care

Thanks, Vic! I’m a Beaner myself, and James even added a feature at my request (and that of others, I’m sure) sometime back, so I can say from first hand experience that he’s responsive. And Bean rocks. Of course, as a Portlander, I can say with caffeine fueled authority that we know Beans.

I suppose, that, since its nearly Christmas, I should be charitable and laugh at 'PORTLANDER JOKES’ tch! OK Hhh…hh…h…a…h…a :wink: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


What about the rest of us you 3 legged miscreant? You only want the Portlandish to enjoy their holiday?

let me point out: Yre [b][u][i][size=150]'off-topicking'[/size][/i][/u][/b] again, and I have on very good authority, that come New Year, HAL D, Grumpy Blounty, and the Godess of Code are going to Neuter-alise all future offending off-topickers!! :open_mouth:

The use of the possessive adjective, ‘[size=150]our[/size]’, indicates a wish from the rest of us, to the Untouchables (bilge rattus rattus). Do Snort and Daughditor have to explain everything to y`?

Oh, thank you vic!!! :smiley:

Ah, thank you, vic??? :open_mouth:


“I’ll have you know that I ain’t no filthy dirty bilge rat—one of those nasty,dreaded plague carrying rattus Norwegicus hoodlums. I am a friendly little rattus rattus, surviving as best I can on this tempest tossed ship of life. ‘Just a good ol’ rat, not meanin’ no harm…’ as the song goes–that’s me.”


Ah mon Chéri! Vous êtes la Reine bilge rattus rattus, noble et fier!!
Joyeux Noël mon Amour :smiling_imp:
Le D

Grrrr! Worrrraa woman!!
Le D :smiling_imp: