Bean as word processor with Scrivener

If you haven’t seen Bean, I highly recommend it as a simple word processor and MS Word alternative. It’s basically a text edit program with more polish and nifty features (full screen mode is one feature). It’s super small, quick, saves in Word format and is completely free. It’s also created by a writer, so the user interface is smart.

After I started using Bean, I swore off Word and thought I’d found my program for all writing. Then a writer friend of mine convinced me to give Scrivener another shot. I’d looked at it before, but didn’t use it enough to understand how great it was. Now I’m hooked on Scrivener for all my projects, but I deal with compiled documents in Bean and write simple one page docs in it as well. It’s a good combination.

Edit: Here is a link for Bean:

My writing is done in Mellel & Scrivener, too (3k words in Scriv yesterday. Yay, for our team!). I learned about Bean when it came bundled as the editor in the new version of CopyPaste Pro. CP is another great app. I use it so often every day, I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Bean also has a basic table feature. With it I was able to make up a small spreadsheet template to hold the chord changes to songs I want to work on (jazz guitar). It works great for this. I can get three tunes on a single sheet, fill them out quickly and print them for reference if needed. I’ve found it painful to do this simple task in most other apps. So yes, I’d recommend Bean, too.

I use Bean for short stuff, too, Writing this post, for instance.

Glad you like Scrivener so far! Yes, Bean is a great app, and James, the developer, is a nice chap too - we’ve exchanged several pieces of code in the past.
All the best,

I have tried all the free WP’s, and some not so free, and I agree that Bean is the most useful, without the excessive bells and whistles. Scrivener for writing projects, Word for the massive stuff when B&W are needed, and Bean for the smaller stuff. I notice Keith’s name among the credits for Bean, and that’s always a plus.

Another Bean-ie here. I especially appreciate the editor’s responsiveness to suggestions; he added a feature or two at my request (and probably that of others, as they weren’t too specialized), and now I use it and Scrivener almost exclusively for my writing needs.