Beat 11: Ruler Issues

With the ruler displayed in the editor, there are sliders to adjust the margins of first line and subsequent lines. What’s missing is the small control or box usually below the subsequent lines slider that allows the user to move both at the same time and keep the relationship between the two.

The sliders for first line and subsequent lines only move in increments of 2. If my margin is at 25 and I indent a line, I can’t get back to 25 on later lines using the ruler. I can only move to 24 or 26.

Having the menu options for increasing and decreasing indents buried in Format > Paragraph > Increase/Decrease Indents > Increase or Decrease would be bad enough because writers often do this many times every day. What’s worse is they don’t function properly. Increase Indent increased the subsequent lines indent, but it decreased the first line indent. Maybe the Increase Indent menu option is triggering the Increase Hanging Indent logic? That would explain the issue below, too.

Right clicking on the ruler gives a pop up menu to set the left indent, but that option only impacts the subsequent lines.

The Increase menu option shows a keyboard shortcut, but decrease does not. There should be one for decrease, and there should be formatting icons for the toolbar available for them, too.

The workarounds with styles create more work. Three of the styles give the indent (although not with the first line indented more), but two change the font size, one changes the font, and one introduces white space around the paragraph. I understand I can create a new style, but all I’m looking for is a simple way to indent and then undo it farther down in the document.

Bullet points show in the left margin rather than inside the margin. I think there are other posts about that issue.


Yes, the ruler has a lot of things to be polished and we are working on these.