Because I am technically challenged and am about to upgrade.

I’m upgrading Scrivener AND my laptop. Late this week I should be receiving a new 11" MacBook Air.


I need to eliminate as much unnecessary stuff from my current MacBook as I can before migrating to the new one. I am not sure whether updating Scrivener a couple of times has resulted in a single Scrivener program or a new one each time. Obviously I only want to have a single one on the new computer.

I also am not sure whether it’s smartest to upgrade to 2.0 now or wait until I have the new Mac.

Advice, please? Thank you!

If you’ve just been hitting the “Update” button when Scrivener posts updates, then you should have just one version. You can confirm this by checking out your Applications folder, though. The only real exception is if you tried the NaNo preview. That one had a different name, and so will have be a separate copy; it is safe to delete that at this point.

Regarding when to upgrade: that’s really up to you. I can say you’ll be up and running on the 11" in no time. It’s going to be a lot like your MacBook except in weight and form. So there won’t be much of a learning process with the new machine. Of course, from a licence standpoint you can use it on both computers whether you update or not, so there is no difference there.

Thanks for this info. I bought Scrivener after downloading the demo, but it was not the nanowrimo demo.

So the 2.0 won’t be a new app but will be another upgrade, so I will still only have one app that migrates?

Remember that you can download a fresh and current copy of either version from the site. That’s what I usually do when bringing up new systems. Helps clean out the bit rot because it forces me to decide if I really do need yet another note taker app. (Or whatever.)


That’s what I’m kind of wondering about. Maybe save all my scri files to dropbox, delete scriv before migrating, download 2.0, then retrieve the scriv files? Does that sound workable, or risky?

There’s no real reason to delete Scrivener from your older computer until you’re ready to completely wipe the hard drive. As Ioa said, the license allows you to run it on as many machines as you own, so you won’t have any problems with that.

Your project files aren’t stored within Scrivener, so deleting the program or installing it fresh on another computer won’t affect them at all. Moving them temporarily to a dropbox folder to copy them to your new machine is fine (I’d recommend zipping them first), or you could copy them via USB or whatever other method you might be using to migrate your other data.

If you’ve done a lot of setup with your preferences in 2.0 you might want to copy those files as well, just to avoid having to set it all up again on the new computer. If however you’re still in 1.54 and will be moving to 2.0 on the new computer, the preference settings won’t transfer (so much has changed, you’ll need to set them fresh). This is really just if you’ve spent a while tweaking 2.0 settings to your taste.

To transfer these, you can save your preferences with the “manage” dropdown in the Preference pane. You can save them with your projects or straight to Dropbox–wherever it will make it easy for you to grab it and move it to the new computer. Once you’re working over there, you can open the Scrivener Preferences, click the “manage” box again and choose to load the file from wherever you saved it on the new machine.

Very helpful, thank you. I’m still on 1.54 and whatever changes I made were done so gradually, I don’t remember what they might have been and won’t until I start using 2.0 and find things I want to change.