BeeLine Reader

I would like to make a feature request. I have been using BeeLine Reader and I find it a useful tool when reading. I would like to be able to use it in Scrivener. I have no idea about the difficulty of implementing this but I would be delighted to find that I could use it with Scrivener.

It looks like this is a Chrome browser extension. It doesn’t look like it would work in a program like Scrivener.

BeeLine Reader is available on meany platforms. It makes long form text much easer to read. I for one would like to have it with scrivener.

Yeah, but that still doesn’t change the fundamental fact that browser extensions and web pages don’t “integrate” well with normal software. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but BeeLine Reader isn’t just a browser extension. I’ve only used Chrome twice, and never with BeeLine - if it was only a Chrome extension, I wouldn’t even know about it. There is (or at least, was) a stand-alone ePub reader that offers a BeeLine mode and I think I had a PDF reader with a BeeLine option my old ipad.
I’m not sure how it would work when used while writing, but it is surprisingly helpful when reading. I haven’t checked it out for a while, but I used to recommend it to some of my clients (helpful, for example, with ADHD).

Well okay, yes, and there is also an iOS app as well. :slight_smile: What I’m getting at is that it doesn’t have a macOS development toolkit. If you scroll down on their home page they have a few different implementations, but I didn’t see anything about development, save for adding it to web pages.

It does look nifty, but it also doesn’t look particularly compatible with RTF editing. Giving text colour without actually adding colour to text is difficult and expensive to do (in terms of processing).

Hi, I’m the founder of BeeLine, and I wanted to confirm that we do have partners on many different platforms, including some that are currently developing for MacOS.

And as others have suggested, our technology is a very valuable accessibility feature (and was recently honored by the United Nations for our groundbreaking working disability inclusion). We would be happy to work with you to enable our feature in your platform!

That’s good to hear! I’ll get in touch with you.

Hi Ioa Petra’ka, I don’t think we’ve yet heard from anyone at Scrivener. You can reach us through our web contact form, or email me direct at

I saw there was also a request about this on Reddit, so hopefully we can make this happen for our joint users!