Before I Buy

Can you kindly confirm that V3 from the App Store will not overwrite V2 when I install? Does it require a custom install? I’ve read the Upgrade PDF, and it seems straight forward (just install and both can live happily on the same iMAC.), but this is an expensive app, and I don’t want to mess up projects and unfinished manuscripts created/revising on V2.

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When you buy Scrivener 3 from the App Store, it will be installed as “Scrivener 3”, so it will not overwrite Scrivener 2 (which will remain “Scrivener”). Also, they use different Preferences and settings, so your Scrivener 2 projects will not appear in Scrivener 3 automatically until you deliberately open them there, meaning that you can continue with some projects in Scrivener 2 if you prefer (a good idea if you are up against a deadline and don’t have time to learn some of the new ways of doing things just yet).

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You could rename the existing Scrivener to something like Scrivener 2, which should stop the App Store overwriting the existing application. [EDIT: I now see Keith has already answered this.]

You could also copy or move the existing application to another folder/drive so that you have a backup, in case the App Store does overwrite it.

As you bought Scrivener 2 from the App Store, it should be available to re-download at any time (my copy is).

You can get a discount for Scrivener 3 if you buy from the developer direct:

Scrivener keeps your data (Projects) entirely separate from the programs. You can install / deinstall / reinstall as often as you like and the projects won’t be touched.

But if you want to be sure, just duplicate them in the Finder and move them somewhere out of the way. You should always have current backups anyway, in a different location. There really isn’t a mechanism for a new install to wipe any of them out though.

After you have V3 installed, when you open a V2 project, V3 converts it, but retains a copy of the old V2 project in the same place, so you really shouldn’t have any problems.


Thank you for guidance. Do you know if buying and downloading from LL gives a sandboxes app as from the App Store?

Thank you so much for the information. I’m very appreciative.

Thanks, Keith. That’s perfect,

Downloading from LL has some advantages, listed here: … -app-store

Also, updates are usually available on the direct-sale version before they appear in the App Store.

Thanks @Bridey


I think it asked me if I wanted to replace Scrivener 2 or not, and I said yes, and only have Scrivener 3 now.

Oh my! This is exactly what I feared. I don’t want to replace v2. I need to keep it. Did you get yours from the App Store or from LL’s download facility?

I got it from Literatureandlatte. But I could have “Keep both” and it would have kept both.

Excellent. Thank you very much for your reply.