Befuddled with Index Cards (still)

[size=150]Okay, so I’m trying to write a basic outline for my book, with notes on what happens in each chapter. I’m using corkboard and this is my first project.

It comes with the first couple of chapters already set up to have multiple scenes, so multiple index cards. Except, I’m writing an MG and most chapters are only one scene. So, I’m throwing extra scenes in the trash, adding notes, writing synopses, and feeling pretty proud because I’ve figured out how to add chapters all the way to chapter 4. Woohoo! I’m figuring it out!

Lo and Behold, Chapter 5! No index cards. I figure out how to add an index card, but then it’s a subdirectory for chapter 5. I don’t want subdirectories. I want (for now) one index card per chapter.

What am I missing? Why did it poop out on me at chapter 5? How can I convince it chapter 5 is an index card with notes? And why do I feel like I wasted three days reading the directions when I don’t know much more than I did when I first downloaded the program? I’m on the trail. I know there is a learning curve, but I’d really like to find out if I can use this to decide if I’m buying it. Great idea, but it doesn’t feel very intuitive.[/size]

So instead of an index card for chapter 5, you get a folder? If so, you told Scrivener to add a new folder instead of a new file. You could right click the folder in the binder and convert it to a file (might work in outliner, but not sure. I’m on a public computer), or you could delete the folder and add a new file.

Ctrl-N adds a new file, while Ctrl-Shift-N adds a new folder. You might have just hit the shift key accidentally while creating it, or maybe you didn’t move down far enough in the context menu.