Begginer doubts

I’m already a fan of Scrivener, but recently I started to have problems with Scrivener. It wouldn’t launch on my pc (I’m using windows), so I uninstalled it and decided to use other programs. It was a while ago, now I saw that Scrivener have a new version, 3.0 and I decided to give it a second chance, so I downloaded the free trial, but I get the message that my “free trial period is over”. I’m in doubt if I buy it or not, because I’m afraid it won’t open once I buy it, and it’s not the cheapest program out there.

My question is: does anybody here had this problem, Scrivener not launching on windows? Does anyone have a guess why this happened? Does Literatura & Latte recognize this problem and fixed that in the new version?

If you’ve already had Scrivener installed on that machine it’s possibly recognising that from left over entries in the Register, hence the warning. Try installing the beta V3. V3 is after all what you will be using full time in a month or two and thebeta is rock solid.

If you downloaded the free trial, you downloaded version 1.9 which you trialled before.

You need to download the beta from

But be aware that the current beta RC13 expires on the 31st, so a new beta will be made available in the next couple of days, so I’d wait till that is announced in the thread.


You need to download and install the new Release candidate. Each RC has a limited time set on it so when that expires you download the new RC.

If you do buy it and it doesn’t work you can get a refund so no need to worry.