Begging For Name Generator Update!

I truly think it is SO neat that I can import names into the Name Generator.

But I am about to lose what little sanity I possess (mind you, there wasn’t much there to begin with!) with the CSV file preparation.

When I import and there’s an error, and it tells me that “Line 454 has more than 20 characters in the name,” I then go bonkers counting lines trying to find the error.

Would it be possible for the Name Generator to give me the line that has an error in addition to giving me the line number?

(I use place names for surnames in many cases, and one of the errors was St Giles In The Heath which is 2 over the allowed 20. OK, it’ll look funny, but I’ve corrected it to StGilesInTheHeath, but I will know what I mean, and I will probably change it anyway if I use it. But it took me FOREVER to find it!)

Do you have access to a spreadsheet program? MS Excel can open that file format and right there you can scroll down to line 454, edit it, save it and then import the file into Scrivener.

Have a spreadsheet program on my desk top. Unfortunately, the motherboard on the desk top decided to go into meltdown mode and had to be sent back under warranty.

The lap top I’m currently using does not have Excel, unfortunately.

Good idea, though.

How about google docs or libre office? Both are free and have decent spreadsheets. The first one doesn’t even require a download.

Or use Notepad ++, which is free and has line numbers.

Google Docs is a possibility. I rather like the idea of the Notepad++ as it means less copying and pasting.

Addendum, some hours later: I picked up Notepad++ and it looks like it will do the trick. I prepared a file in a quarter of the time it took me with regular Notepad.