Beginner Mistake in Tutorial

I am taking the Tutorial and got all the way to Part 1 Step 3 when I messed things up.

I was practicing dragging a title of a page to the top bar in order to move a new page. By accident I let go of the drag before it got there, so it seemed to replace text on the page. I went to UNDO, but that was grayed out.

Then in trying to figure out what was going on, I somehow was dragging Step 5 and seemed to merge it with some other step and lost the whole thing. Again, no UNDO option.

What do you do when you make a mistake?
And how can I get a clean Tutorial?
( I remember reading at the start that it was possible, but now don’t remember how to do it. )

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hi, barbsnow, and welcome to the forum!

This thread may be of help:

The above is for Windows. On the Mac the project folder will look as a single file to the Finder. Just delete it.

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Thank you for your response, but I’m afraid it was too general to help me. IIs there anyone else who could help me resolve this. I am VERY new to it and without betting able to go through the tutorial, can’t continue.

Sorry, barbsnow, I didn’t intend to make it hard for you. Please let me rephrase:

The Undo command is the general way to go when you make a mistake. Unfortunately, Undo is limited to remember things done within the area that has the current focus. If you make a mistake in the binder, and then change the focus to the editor, for instance, then when selecting the binder again it will not remember the previous list of actions to be undone.

Think of it as a tool to use while you are on the same area of the application interface.

The Undo command has other limitations too. For instance, you cannot undo a document split, you have to re-merge the splitted documents instead.

[size=85]Note: if you want to investigate the matter further, most of these limitations are fully noted in the manual. To do this, just open the manual with the default PDF viewer and search for “undo” (without the quotes) and scroll though them.[/size]

To get a clean tutorial, just create a new one. Go to File/ New Project. The Project Templates window (template selector) will now open.

[size=85]Note: If the first template group listed is not Getting Started, go to Options on the lower left part of the window and select Show “Getting Started”.[/size]

Select Interactive Tutorial from the Getting Started group of the Project Templates window, and follow the instructions on the screen. When choosing a name for the new project, you can select a different one this time (in order not to deal with the remove of the old tutorial until you’re more familiar with Scrivener) or simply overwrite the old one by using the same name.

Hope it helps better this time!

Thank you. Your reply was helpful. As it happened, I did not have to delete the tutorial. When I quit and then went in the next day the page on which I had inadvertently replaced text was fixed (on its own) and the I was able to find and move the page from the outline that I had somehow lost (trial and error). So I am back up on the tutorial and everything is looking very promising.

I’m glad to hear that!

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