Beginner questions

Hello I’m completely new to Scrivener and was wondering the following:

  1. is there any way I can get the manual on my iPad pro so that I can read it when I’m out and about?
  2. can I use Scrivener on my iPad pro or can i just use it on my desktop Mac?

Thank you

Thank you for using Scrivener.

The manual is a PDF file: you can read it wherever you like. If necessary, you can download it from here:

There is a version of Scrivener for iPad in beta testing, but it’s not yet released. The desktop version will not work on iOS devices.


Welcome to Scrivener and the forum, gypsysoul.

  1. Yes. There are several ways: here’s one. Click on the manual via Help > Scrivener Manual. It will open in your Mac’s Preview application. Export it to wherever on your Mac is convenient for you, via Preview’s File > Export as PDF… Then send the manual to your iPad by whichever means you normally use (AirDrop or eMail or DropBox etc), and open it on your iPad with an iOS PDF-reading application.*

  2. No. You can’t use the Scrivener version for your Mac on your iPad. That requires a specially-developed Scrivener application for iOS. But that application is being tested now, and is likely to go on sale in the next few months.

*But it’s worth adding that reading the Scrivener Manual cover-to-cover - if that’s your intention - is not the best way to learn how to start using Scrivener. The Manual is more of a reference document, to be consulted when you come to a dead end on some particular feature and want to find out where to go next. When you’re starting, by far the best thing you can do is to comb through the Interactive Tutorial, like the Manual also under the Help menu.

Thank you for your answers - they’ve been very helpful! :smiley: