Beginner struggling here - watching my sunday fade away !

ok - im trying… !

ive added a bunch of scenes - and in each scene there’s my scene heading and some action - but when i select corkboard mode - i see an index card for each scene name but none of the text like the scene heading or the action notes… uggghhh !

The Corkboard shows the document’s synopsis, not the text of the document itself. Rather than having all the text of your scene, you can write a separate short summary of what happens there, which you’ll be able to see on the Corkboard, the Outliner or, if you open the Inspector (View>Layout>Show Inspector or the round blue i icon in the toolbar), along side the text in document view.

If you want to just pull the text straight from the document to dump onto the index card, you can select a document or documents in the Binder (or on the Corkboard) and choose Documents>Auto-Generate Synopsis. That will take the first so many characters (I forget how many, but good stretch); you can also select specific text in a document and then choose the “auto-generate synopsis” icon in the inspector (the little box farthest to the right beside the word “synopsis”) to use that selected text.

If you haven’t had a chance to go through the interactive Tutorial under the Help menu, I definitely recommend giving it a go. It’s really helpful getting to understand the basics of how Scrivener works and giving you a chance to play around a little. And welcome to the forums!

i cant seem to get the info that ive entered for each scene to show in the index card when im in corkboard view - did i enter it wrong?

thanks so much for this - ill give it a try… kind regards, t

Definitely take the time to go through the interactive tutorial, as MM suggests - that covers all of the basics and makes it clear how index cards work; the couple of hours you spend going through it will save time trying to work things out later.
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