beginners blues

Hi, I’m sure this information is somewhere but can you help? I’d like to add images-that I’ve imported into the research folder, on to the corkboard- but can’t seem to do it. I can get images into the characters corkboard OK but not elsewhere.
And…when I ask for a new file- I am often given a new folder- which I dont want. So I’ve now got lots of folders stacked in folders and my binder is in chaos! My plan was to have one folder per chapter- with lots of files in each folder and my pics on the corkboard. I’ve tried dragging things around but no happiness! How can I change a subfolder to a file- or a file to a folder? Thanks from a new- extremely unteckky user


Last thing first: you can convert a folder to a file and vice versa by selecting the folder and going to Documents > Convert > to File/Folder. I’m not sure how you’re adding folders accidentally, though - are you adding files using the keyboard shortcut? Cmd-N creates new text documents, opt-cmd-N creates new folders.

As for the images, the corkboard shows image files on the corkboard as Polaroids. So, if you import an image file into a folder and view that folder on the corkboard, the image file appears as a photo in the corkboard. You can’t import image files into the Draft folder anywhere, of course, which is text-only, so perhaps that is the source of your confusion? What you can do though, is set any document to appear on the corkboard as an image instead of as an index card with synopsis - this is how the character sheets are set up by default. To do this, just click on the icon of the index card in the header bar above the index card in the inspector (just right of where it says “Synopsis”. This will bring up the option to switch between index card and image. Choose the image icon, and the index card in the inspector will be replaced by a black area asking you to drag in an image. You can then drag in an image either from the Finder or binder, which will appear on the corkboard (unless you switch back to the index card in the inspector).

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Keith, that helps
I’m now working my way through the interactive tutorial- phew- many biscuits required! I’ve managed to convert files to folders and back again, but not yet sorted how to make my folder go where I want it- so it’s a main folder and not nested in another folder. No doubt I’ll sort that out. Right now I think my brain is melting a bit…MB


Glad that helped. For the folder thing, just drag it out until the blue indicator line is right over on the left before you drop. Or select the folder and hit cmd-ctrl-left until it is moved far enough left.

Hope that helps,

That’s great Keith- the dragging bit didn’t work (don’t know why- computer feeling grumpy!) but the ctr cmd left did- all is in order now! horray