beginner's problem: what is this blue frame?

Hello everyone,
I started working with scrivener two days ago (love from first site. I don’t know how could I do without it until know) but today a problem has occurred:
when I start writing by default the text appears within a striped frame with a blueish background, as if it is a kind of a field (nevertheless, when I copy-paste into the page a normal text from some other place it appears just fine).

What did I do wrong? what is it? how can I go back and write normally?

Please forgive me for my bad English, please forgive me for being such a silly beginner,
Thank you,

Hi, and welcome!

Nothing silly about it; this has happened to a lot of people. :wink: The blue box indicates that “Preserve Formatting” is turned on, so you just need to select the text and choose Format>Formatting>Preserve Formatting to toggle it off.

If you’re getting it in newly created documents, though, it sounds like you accidentally set your default formatting to have that style. That was a bug in earlier versions, but yesterday’s update to 2.0.5 fixed it, so if you haven’t upgraded yet, you should do that. (Scrivener>Check for Updates…)

You can fix the problem by selecting some normal text in the editor and then going to Scrivener>Preferences:Formatting and clicking the “Use Current” button to reset the default formatting to match your selected text. (You can then change it around in the preferences to what you really want, but the “Use Current” button is the only way to remove the Preserve Formatting style from the default setting.)

Thank you so much for the detailed answer. I did as you said and every thing now functions just fine.

I see that this nice program also has a nice neighborhood…