Beginning to get a bit aggravated over this license thing

I bought several licenses, one for each machine only I use, and none are shared.
I did this to help support scrivener with extra funds.

Yet invariably each month or two, my licenses are declared invalid requiring me to jump through the hoops of copying and reentering the license.

It got so my first document on each machine holds the license so I can easily copy and paste it in.

What the heck is wrong with this license scheme?

you have trouble with licensing, you write an email to Scrivener Support.

that’s the way, should be easy to underestand.

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I’ve no doubt that I’ll also be told to F&^& off and mind my own business but this trolling behaviour is completely unacceptable and it’s time for the moderators to step in before matters get even more out of hand than they already have.

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Hi fkx,

In this recent post a member of L&L Support acknowledges they’re having a problem with the licensing framework and are trying to work out why it affects some people but not others. If you have the time–and if you haven’t already done so–please submit a support ticket, as your situation might help them figure it out, particularly because in your case the problem keeps recurring.


As several people have noted, we are not able to address licensing issues through the forum for privacy reasons. Please open a support ticket here:

Gratuitously insulting people who are trying to help you is a violation of forum rules, and accordingly I have deleted several posts in this thread.