For far too long, I kept a separate project or word processing document for every snippet that might later turn into a story. This, of course, led to a lot of, “I wonder what this is?” Not to mention, “Hmmm… What did I name that file again?” For a while I kept an .odt document around called “snippets” to hold those things, but it was cumbersome and annoying to use.

So… I’m reasonably certain that I’m not the only Scrivener user to hit upon what, in retrospect, seems to be an obvious solution:
I created a project that I dubbed, “Beginnings,” and now when I have something that may or may not eventually become a complete story–a line or two, a vignette, or something other kind of potential story seed–I open up “Beginnings” and create a new scene. When I’m ready to turn one of those bits into a story, and only then, I create a new project for it. With flash fiction, I may even complete the first draft in Beginnings before moving it to its own project.

Not only is it faster and easier now to flip through all those little snippets, but I each time I open Beginnings, I’m reminded of all of those potential projects I haven’t thought about recently, but to which I may now be ready to add something, and while messing around with one project, I sometimes have an epiphany about another, and it’s a matter of a few seconds to switch over.

So yeah… This might bean obvious usage scenario to most, but I imagine that there are at least a few other people who didn’t think of it right off the bat, but could benefit from it.

Rob, that’s an excellent use for all those scraps and orts that may turn into stories.
You’ll also find that using the split-screen will help; view scraps in one, type draft in another.
And you may split or combine scraps easily, either with drag-drop or the Split at Cursor command.
There’s an infinite number of ways to arrange and re-arrange material.
Good luck!

I have a similar setup, but I often find it cumbersome.

Can people share ideas on how they do their setups? I use DevonThink Pro and any idea, snippet, line, thought that pops into my head gets dumped into there. While I do love DevonThink Pro for a lot of things, I find that many of my notes just get lost within all the other notes I throw into it.

For instance, do you have a document for each idea or thoughts? Do you have a folder that contains lines of dialogue and just throw them all into one document? Do you examine your “Beginnings.scriv” file often? How do you throw in those ideas that pop up while your doing other things?

I do love the clipping and quick jot features of DevonThink Pro, but I’m finding that my notes are becoming too structured. I often spend time rearranging the folders and files and making more of a mess than what I had before. I think the fact that it’s too structured, is limiting my ideas…

I’m not saying DevonThink Pro is too structured, I’m saying I have made it too structured. I’m a perfectionist and I image that it may someday be the death of me…

Tyler, the easiest way to explain is probably to show you, so here ya go: