Being able to see what paragraph style selected text is in

I would LOVE to be able insert my cursor within a line or block of text and have Scrivener allow me to see what paragraph or heading style it is in. At the moment, I have to manually reapply styles to things over and over again if I can’t recall what style I put text in previously. I use styles extensively as part of my process, so adding this capability would be a real timesaver.

Apology: this capability is probably requested elsewhere in the Wishlist forum, but I didn’t find anything with the search terms I used. I apologize in advance if I’m duplicating this wish list request.

Thank you!

It would really help if the program had a concept of stylesheets to begin with. :slight_smile: There are no styles in Scrivener, what you are referring to is what we call “formatting presets”, which are stored settings you can apply to text.

Stylesheets are coming, no worries, and you won’t have any problems seeing which one you used where, and updating the style will update all assigned text, just like you’re used to and more besides!

I see that “stylesheets are coming”. Anyone have any idea of when this feature will be available? Not having this feature is a major inconvenience.

Styles will be part of a paid update in the coming months. There is no set release date yet.

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In my mind - I am throwing a party and dancing wildly with joy! :smiley:

Did somebody say mind party?! We’re on our way over!