best backup option?

I’m puzzled about something simple. (As usual! : )

Scrivener offers the option of both automatically saving a backup zip file whenever you CLOSE the program and also whenever you OPEN the program. Can’t work out the implications of this choice: why prefer one to the other? In what circumstances would the two backups be different? Or is it merely a question of choosing WHEN you have to wait around for that backup to be created: either at the opening or closing of your work session?

Being dumb here…

If you’re just opening the program, editing stuff and then closing it, then there wouldn’t be too much of a difference between when you back up. However if you use other software to modify a project while it is closed—perhaps a program that integrates with Scrivener’s format like Aeon Timeline, or even sync systems like Dropbox, when a backup is created can become more important. You might even want to create one both when opening and closing a project in that case, both to preserve how it was before external manipulation and at the point after when the project is loaded in Scrivener after having been modified.

And yes, there is also the matter of when you have to wait. If you’re the sort that turns everything on and then goes to make coffee while the computer boots up and loads your work, getting the backups done first, rather than at the end of the day when you’re tired and just want to shut the thing down already, might be nicer. :slight_smile:

For most people, I would imagine the option to backup whenever you hit Cmd-S will be the more compelling variation in the choices though.