Best bet for using a Windows copy on Ubuntu Linux?

I currently have Windows 7 but the laptop is dying a slow death (hardware issues) and I’m looking at getting Ubuntu Linux on my new one. Will my Windows version of Scrivener work ok with WINE? Or would it work better in something like Virtual Box if I got a copy of Windows 7? I already own the Windows version so I’d rather use that than the beta if possible. (Disclaimer: This will be my first foray into Linux so keep that in mind in your response, I don’t know most of the jargon yet.)


Your question is not really about Linux version of scrivener. For Wine compatibility, you should go to winehq web site. About virtualization, I suppose this is also not related to this forum (and more a general Linux question).

However, to answer your question: As a general rule, virtualization always work better than emulation.

We’ve always discussed Scrivener under WINE here. You are not a mod, Bodiccea, nor is WINE an emulator.

But to answer the original question, yes, you can run it under WINE. You need to install a few things via winetricks first, though, and make sure your installation of WINE is up to date. You’ll need vcrun2010 and quartz via winetricks to get it running. Also, corefonts, allfonts, and tahoma to get it looking decently.

I agree with garpu, Bodiccea. Since this is a forum primarily for writers and users of our software, we welcome having it as a place to discuss the technical issues involved in getting our software working on various virtualisation systems, VMs and native installations on unsupported platforms. It is good to point out to new Linux users that there are some great resources out there for learning Linux, but everyone is welcome to discuss these topics here as well. WineHQ is a good thing for any new migrant to have in their bookmark folder.

Thanks AmberV and garpu. I figured since my question was specifically related to running Scrivener on Linux (even if it’s not the Linux beta version) that I would have more luck here than on the wine forum where most people have probably never even heard of Scrivener.

Your answer was very helpful, garpu. I appreciate the specifics on how to get it to work with Wine, that’s exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

No prob! The two of us that moderate the winehq page post more here, anyway. :slight_smile: