Best bibliographic style?

This is pretty off topic, and I will post it in the Tinderbox forum as well. I am setting up a bibliographic reference style for my sites. The question is what style is friendliest to (html) web publication?

This is purely for my readers, and I have no dictate from editors. The domain spans science and the humanities for what that is worth. The requirements I can think of:

– We are not space constrained, so I would like to avoid abbreviations wherever feasible. A reason is that the reader may not know what “Pr Biophys Mol Bio” means. It also seems more human to cite Robert Jones than Jones, R.

– We will have print material, web-accessible material (with live links) and media like films (not on-line).

– To the extent feasible, we’d like to include or reference a summary.

– This will be backed by Bookends and I could have a central bibliography on line somewhere with fuller information.

I can’t seem to find a style that suits. I have no problem with devising my own, but using an existing style seems desirable because someone will have thought through all the ethics and gotchas.