Best Christmas Movie EVER!

I think it was … B0009PLLK4

The “River Bottom Nightmare Band” was hilarious.

What was your favorite Christmas Movie?

No surprise here. This cinematic gem will always remain a classic despite being snuffed at the oscars.

If you’re looking for a little spice, but insist on quality, then check this one out. Trust me. It’s as good as you think. … re=related
Apparently, Youtube have pulled this in the States, Something about too many Yanks believing it to be a true story. :confused: Try anyway.

Now why does that have a hollow ring to it!? :open_mouth:
[size=50]cos it’s from a cheap Christmas Cracker Ahhh hahahahahaaaaaeeeeeehahahaha[/size]

This is my Fave
Jingle Bells.jpg