Best conservation strategies? Parks, arks, boycotts, protest

Hi all,
I’m trying to build a list of conservationist strategies and action groups. I think I might list the groups under different strategies. What’s your favourite environmental organisations? What do they do, and what strategies do they use?

  1. PARKS
    Do you have a favourite National Park? How can people support it? What groups help create new parks? What’s the best way to organise a new park?

  2. ARKS
    What about ‘arks’, or special zoo’s and breeding programs for threatened species? (I’m thinking of the Tasmanian Devil breeding programs, but what animals and support organisations are you passionate about?)

    What about boycotts? What products do you refuse to buy because they threaten biodiversity or your favourite animals and / or ecosystems? What websites do you follow to learn more? What ‘safe buying’ sites are there?

    Warriors: what groups have treehuggers that chain themselves to trees, lock the gates and throw away the keys to protect ecosystems against new coal mines or pipelines, etc?

  5. OTHER
    What other conservation strategies have I not considered? What groups represent them?

You seem to have forgotten the most obvious and modern form of protest: blogging or giving a thumbs-up on a FB page or some similar exclusively internet-based protest movement.
Modern urban people aren’t always so keen on getting out in the wilderness and being physical about things. Making a thumbs up on a web page appears to give people a similar experience of having done your moral duty, without having to leave the comfort of your armchair.

Hi Eclipse:

Under your ‘Other’ section have you considered environmental banks? They are covered in some detail in a book titled Green Wealth by Kevin Noon and Judith Ward.

I’m still in a due diligence phase phase with the concept. Commentaries seem to be divided between ‘what a great idea’ and ‘another way for developers to rape the land and claim green credentials’ I have to confess I’m still on the fence at the moment. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps and good luck with the project.


Loving it so far. Keep it coming.

I stopped buying BP gas after their oil lines busted. It was more of there mismanagement of the situation, both during and afterward than the actual “leak” was truly upsetting. I don’t have any hard numbers but I’m sure they spent more money saying what they were going to do to fix it than trying to fix it. Though I’m sure I’m still buying their gas but under a different name, (I have no idea what companies buy their oil and sell it under their own brand).

I also try to keep an eye on GMOs and pesticides on food. While I’m not totally against these things, they do need to be watched with a discerning eye. If there is a choice between these and going hungry, I would rather not go hungry. Though they have far reaching effects we can’t entirely know. For the longest time people were wondering why all the bees were dying. Turns out it is the poison we spray on food to kill insects, who would have thunk it?

I think I totally missed the point of your post, though those are things I’ve done. Boycott is my favorite. Talk with your wallets.

Maybe taking some sort of legal action. Don’t want this forest mowed down for a new parking lot? Take it up with you local representatives and try to make it some sort of natural landmark or local ordinances to protect it (maybe not worthy of National Park status) but it has history of some kind. People love to protect their history. Maybe some famous outlaw back in the day hid from the law out there. There always seems to be many more famous outlaws than there were lawmen.