Best editing workflow

I am very new to Scrivener and am looking for advice. I am having trouble coming up with the best way to manage the editing process.

A) Should be both have Scrivener and use folder sync?
B) Could they just use word and then i have to manage upload and sync

Can someone explain to me how they do it and any pitfalls to what out for

Thank you,


Folder Sync is for when you’ve got edits that need to be made in another program. It isn’t designed to work between two Scrivener copies at all—it isn’t that complicated actually. It’s just a series of files with an identifier in the name so that the program knows where to put the content if it has changed. Therein lies the problem, since identifiers can drift between projects and end up meaning different things. So that answers that. If they use Word, then give them RTF files and you should find that workflow works pretty smoothly. You’ll even be able to see their comments and vice versa (though do let them know they shouldn’t use change tracking).

If you both use Scrivener, that would be optimum. In that scenario you could put the .scriv project in a shared location, like a Dropbox folder, and take turns editing out of it. See §13.6 in the user manual for important tips on how to do this safely (and make sure your editor reads them too).

Look around on the forums a bit, as I’m sure you can imagine, this is a topic that has been discussed quite a bit in the past. :slight_smile:

Bingo. thanks AmberV. I just want to make sure i was not missing something.