Best Font for Mac-Win transfers?

Each time I restore a Mac backup to my Windows version I have to Convert to Default Style all the documents. Is there a way to avoid this by having a common font on both packages, and if so what would be the best font to use?

I would experiment a bit as what is best is going to be a combination of what works and what you can stand writing in all day. Courier might work fine, for example, but it might give you a headache to use it for everything. The most efficient way to experiment would be to create a sample document in your Binder with a dozen paragraphs or so, and apply a bunch of different fonts, one to each paragraph, from the Mac, then copy the project to the PC and open it. The ones that don’t revert to the system default sans should be good to go. Palatino, the font we use in the interactive tutorials, works across platforms.

Thank you AmberV. Good ideas. I will give them a try.