Best Mac RSS for this Forum

I don’t follow a lot of news feeds, but this forum is active enough that I feel the need to use a news reader. I’m on a Mac. I was using Shrook, but it crashed way too often. I don’t like Google reader. Anyone have a newsreader recommendation that works well for this board, that is, that makes it easy to follow threads?

Vienna has been my favourite for a number of years now. Do note that some users have reported problems with Mountain Lion and the latest version of it, but the older versions have better success. That will probably improve with time—may have already even.

Like most dedicated news software, it’s really tuned toward those who subscribe to dozens if not hundreds of feeds. It’s got a lot of power for handling that much. So I’m not sure how good it would be if you mainly just subscribe to a couple or even one feed, but I think it should be pretty easy to just ignore all of the extra features you don’t need.

I still use the old, trusty NetNewsWire. It is no longer supported, but it works great on Lion.


I use Google Reader with a Safari extension, Google Reader Snow Leopard 1.6.1
It’s clear, easy to read and organize, and the J and K keys move me forward/backward easily.
You might try it to see if it makes GR any more useful for you.